VBite is
Good Vibe

Feels like they’re made out of emotions: elegance, lightness, pride and strength. They’ve been galloping over our history for centuries, being essential for disappearing into the desert or into the forest mystery. They fly without wings and make us able to experience a bit of Paradise on Earth.They are noble creatures, they are the creatures we love. Our love has ancient roots but we have been exploring the future to build their wellbeing.
And Vbite is the proof of our love,
the love for horses
Vbite: an Italian story of innovation and infinite love for horses
Vbite comes from the desire to identify a gentle method to make the horse accept the tame and the various activities in which he is involved. Vbite induces a relaxed and collaborative attitude in the animal, putting its well-being first.
Through a vibrating system placed in the horse's mouth, Vbite mechanically recreates the stimulation of the salivary glands, encouraging the release of the jaw and chewing. As for the horse chewing coincides with a condition psychophysical stability and relaxation, the use of Vbite is able to propagate in the animal a widespread feeling of peace and tranquility.
Vbite: made in Italy luxury
for horse riding
Made in Italy

– Avant-garde
– Appealing
aesthetic impact

Innovative Materials

– Vibrating system
– Totally transparent
rubber coating

Quality Details

– Functionality
– Ergonomic

What is Vbite? A technological innovation designed for horses well-being
Vbite looks like a simple single cannon thread covered in totally waterproof rubber equipped with a vibrating system.
The vibrations emitted by the system within the horse oral cavity stimulate the release of the jaw with a consequent generalized muscle relaxation. Vbite is designed to ensure the horse all the comfort it needs while respecting the morphology of its mouth. The horse experiences the use of Vbite as a pure induction of well-being, a prolonged experience of relaxation, preparatory to the birth of a relaxed empathic bond with its rider.
In fact, horse riding requires great complicity between horse and rider, only in this way can man and animal be able to listen to and understand each other. Of course, the greater the well-being of both, the easier it is to find an agreement and the performance is improved.
The system has also proved extremely effective in handling the horse from the ground in situations of potential stress (shearing, farriery or veterinary visits).
Thanks to the intuitive interface with the "Vbite" application for IOS and Android, the pattern and intensity of the vibration can be changed at will.
It can also be conveniently recharged thanks to its special case to be always ready for use.
Team: the love for horses and their
well-being are the basis of our work
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